Automatic linear machine to fill/close sterile products


  • Strong solid and compact machine,built in stainless steel profiles (AISI 304), laterally closed with stainless steel panels being easily removable to reach drive units and mechanisms installed in the interior;
  • Rotary table in AISI 316 to load the containers in the filling area;
  • Advancement of the bottles due to a double working beam to hold the container during the filling – stoppering – and closing steps. It’s suitable for stable GLASS/PLASTIC bottles;
  • Easy machine speed variation;
  • Checking unit to test the presence of the container. If no bottle is detected the machine will stop automatically;
  • Vibrating bowl feeder in AISI 304 with chute in AISI 304 to transfer the cap on the bottles. Checking unit to test the presence of cap on the bottle neck. If it isn’t detected the machine will stop automatically;
  • Automatic closing head;
  • Basket for automatic unloading;
  • Control panel with tube support, complete with all necessary switches, warning lights, start-, stop- and emergency push buttons;
  • Power board, complete with all necessary electrical equipment;
  • Control panel with TOUCH SCREEN , it includes counter of production. PLC OMRON.
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